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Our network of high-performing women are entrepreneurs in a variety of industries across the United States.  
We come together online and in real life to grow personally and professionally.
No one gets you like we do -- and we believe there is greater power for change in coming together. 


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“I realized my vision was not as important to banks as it was to me.”

~Sandra Wyckoff
Forte Mobile Boutique


“I was an entrepreneur at 21... I saw professional women doing amazing things.”

~Kim Roxie
LAMIK Beauty


“Because of our passion, we can be more giving than corporate vet hospitals.”

~Dr. Amna Plummer
Critter Care Animal Hospital


“So glad we are sharing opportunities and building each other.”

~Kim Aitch
Camera Ready Salon Services


“We all go thru the same thing at some point when starting a business.”

~Onata Fragrances
Onata Andujar


“We have multiple locations servicing clients onsite, mail-out and delivery.”

~Dr. Shalondria Simpson
Tru Care Pharmacy